Counter Top EMVs

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VX520 EMV Contactless

Countertop Devices:Designed with the Users in Mind!!!

VeriFone VX520 EMV Contactless countertop payment devices are compact, easy to install and easy for both merchant and customer to use. NFC capabilities support alternative payments and loyalty or gift card acceptance. Terminal has dual communications Dial and Ethernet and support Apple Pay.

Supply thermal paper 2 1/4'" X 74'

We will provide the terminal and supply at NO COST with merchant account processing services apply!!

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ICT220 Dual Comm, Smart Card

Powerful and feature-rich!!!

The iGenico ICT220 is a compact design, and easy to use, the countertop POS devices offer speed, secure and adaptable payment options, whatever the volume of your retail transactions. Pre-embedded contactless payment features are just some of the value-added services these devices provide. Plus, multiple-connectivity alternatives – including traditional dial-up, internet protocol ensure constant transaction availability.